MR. SWAGGER (70 cm x 100 cm) – 2016

Should I mention trends…

I came to Budapest, I’ve a beard, I ride a bike…am I a HIPster now?!

Look, how I walk! Swaag!

Watch, how I handle things! Swaaager!

Feel how I am judged by the world! Swaaaagest!

As those pigeonholes are created, most people draft an opinion…pleb, arts student, hippy, gothic, posh, hipster, punk, rocker, beggar, newly rich, etc.

But it doesn’t even matter how other people perceive us. Sure it DOES! Hell yeah! Everybody wants to belong somewhere, and then it’s not enough, they want to be role models.

So let’s straighten up MR. SWAGGER and let the world’s adulation in, because we do deserve it!

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.