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JENO.OSVATHI am a 29 years old painter from Budapest. I became acquainted with painting in 2011 as a very good friend of mine was goading me. Now the thing is that I like painting and I am proud of my works.

A few thoughts about my work:

People need a stable point in today’s fast- paced world, because we make our lives too complex which creates the desire of simplicity in everyone’s mind. My aspiration in my paintings is also pure simplicity (less colours, contrasts), however I would also like to reflect on the reality of our world; the amount of information in urban life which comes to us every day even if we want it or not. I would also like to show our natural symbol systems, inherited or learned attitudes, rules and laws laid down by ourselves which define our lives and yet we forget to think about them or reconsider their meaning or validity to us – we just simply accept as they infiltrate into our days. 

Jenő Osváth

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This post is also available in: Hungarian

MOJO (60 cm x 60 cm) – 2017

[In the private collection of Balázs Jobbágy]

What is the mojo?

Etymologically, the word means charm or rather magic, however, nowadays we can use it for sexual attractiveness (sex  appeal), or for the ability to have effect on the other sex. We can win one’s trust with the help of the mojo, and also have influence on things, while making our way in life with the help of our charisma. It’s the way we represent ourselves to the world.

Probably, one of the worst feelings is the loss of mojo in one’s life, but believe me, mojo finds its way back to The Man!

Mojo can pulse, throb, it can be rousing; other times it slips gently, it’s smooth and honest, understanding; but sometimes it’s confusing, or poky. All in all, it’s GOOOOOOOD! Mojo is sexy! ;)

Don’t forget, all mojo has a man, and also a woman with it.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.


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