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SHARE A KIM! (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2014

Kim Jong-il was the first man of the Korean People’s theoretically Democratic Republic (practically dictatorial republic leader), who as the Director of Culture and Arts, had endeavored to reform North Korea’s art. It is completely due to him, that North Korea’s first export articles were pieces of art most importantly. This is such a brilliant idea and way to Present and to promote the ideology of a nation, their wonderful life, to prove the correctness of their political viewpoints, and to advertise their cult to the whole world. Why would it be offensive that politics is usually the most crucial part of each artwork? Why should there be free will or freedom of opinion, why should we imagine much ado about nothing? Isn’t it great to see big leaders’ moments of excursions, their favourite flowers or a copped gesture of encouragement during a great speech, captured on a painting or on a sculpture? He (Kim Jong-il) supported the culture so much that he encouraged his son’s girlfriend, the singer Hyon Song-wolt to promote the culture. The girl abused his good intentions and the possibility (she made  porn and hid Bibles). It can be clearly seen that Kim Jong-il did everything in his power to set his republic on strong pillars, not being afraid of sacrificing Art , the most liberal sector, for his own goals. What a terrible loss would it be to the world if he hadn’t! Without these North-Korean pieces of art we could not appreciate individuality, creativity, provocation or freedom.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

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