MOJO (60 cm x 60 cm) – 2017

[In the private collection of Balázs Jobbágy]

What is the mojo?

Etymologically, the word means charm or rather magic, however, nowadays we can use it for sexual attractiveness (sex  appeal), or for the ability to have effect on the other sex. We can win one’s trust with the help of the mojo, and also have influence on things, while making our way in life with the help of our charisma. It’s the way we represent ourselves to the world.

Probably, one of the worst feelings is the loss of mojo in one’s life, but believe me, mojo finds its way back to The Man!

Mojo can pulse, throb, it can be rousing; other times it slips gently, it’s smooth and honest, understanding; but sometimes it’s confusing, or poky. All in all, it’s GOOOOOOOD! Mojo is sexy! ;)

Don’t forget, all mojo has a man, and also a woman with it.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.




VIRTUAL INSANITY (90 cm x 140 cm) – 2017

In the midst of this modern world self-realization competition everybody wants to be something else, other than what they really are. No need to say that today’s consumer society provides all tools for this. The movies, the video games embrace the minds of people in 3D with high resolution as close to reality as possible. Tons of psychedelics are available, helping one escape the dull weekdays. Luckily, destiny brought one of its “everyday super-heroine”, – who is a drama queen in a male body – into my life.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



POINT OF VIEW (70 cm x 140 cm) – 2016

[In the private collection of K.K.]

I can’t believe that these tags can still be found on the streets of Budapest in 2016! I mean, I’m trying really hard to stay objective, but at the same time my duty is to hold a mirror up to society – who I travel with on a subway day by day. But I’m looking forward to the future with hope in my heart, because something’s gonna change sooner or later!

I’m sending this message out to everyone: THERE HAS TO BE CHANGE!

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.




MARIA CALLAS (40 cm x 60 cm) – 2016

Dear Children, our topic today is feminity! Who could define feminity for me?


OK, let me help you out!

Is a woman feminine if she wears a top, a baseball hat, a thick golden watch, masculine sunglasses, while making a selfie with duck lips? Or, is she girly if she wears a short dress, full make-up, high heel stilettos, expensive bags, and maybe a pocket Chihuahua? What about the girl next door, riding her bike in tight jeans? Is feminity an inner or outer feature? I bet it was way more unambiguous some years ago.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



LUI (40 cm x 60 cm) – 2016

Those recently installed, numerous “Big Brother” cameras gained huge media attention lately in Hungary. Although, I have to add that such a system has already been in operation in Saint-Tropez….just that it was also mobile! And of course, it has an extra entertainment function!
The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



MAD MAX (70 cm x 100 cm) – 2016

At the peak of youth, before people turn 30, they start to visit doctors. Certainly, I’m not talking about myself, but about my buddy, who has various issues (and this is how the story begins…) :-) . This was my motivation during the making of this painting. I think it is very important to have a soulmate, who always stands by you no matter what, especially in case of an emergency. And the importance of this increases as time goes by….

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.





MR. SWAGGER (70 cm x 100 cm) – 2016

Should I mention trends…

I came to Budapest, I’ve a beard, I ride a bike…am I a HIPster now?!

Look, how I walk! Swaag!

Watch, how I handle things! Swaaager!

Feel how I am judged by the world! Swaaaagest!

As those pigeonholes are created, most people draft an opinion…pleb, arts student, hippy, gothic, posh, hipster, punk, rocker, beggar, newly rich, etc.

But it doesn’t even matter how other people perceive us. Sure it DOES! Hell yeah! Everybody wants to belong somewhere, and then it’s not enough, they want to be role models.

So let’s straighten up MR. SWAGGER and let the world’s adulation in, because we do deserve it!

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



ANARCHY (70 cm x 100 cm) – 2015

[In the private collection of Erzsébet Buzás]

Everybody is autonomous nowadays for sure! All right I think most of people are. They are who overwrites the law because they think it’s not valid on them. 

We are rebelling again?! And nobody told me?!
Slowly developing a kind of confusion… or maybe just in my mind! :-)
However… we live once!
And run and dance and jump and scream
Or do anything, just to see you that you are alive

Go for robot-porn!
The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



EVERYBODY IS NOT ME (90 cm x 130 cm) – 2015

I read an article about people on death row. They don’t know when their time will come. Their soul is filled with pain and sorrow, they are destroyed,. They are prepared for everything and they have contemplated all worldly issues. We can only hope that we will never have to understand their perspective.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.




ANDROCENTRISM (120 cm x 80 cm) – 2014

Male-centred world perspective? Yes, it exists and it has always existed! Furthermore, all evidence points to it too. But what do we want, us men?

We want to possess things
We want power
We want to be satisfied 
And sometimes we fight for these (or instead Of them?) 
Besides all men wants a lot of other things of course I just wanted to highlight a few determinative things.
The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.


made in china

MADE IN CHINA (60 cm x 40 cm) – 2011

It happens a lot of times that we buy something that we think was made in a particular country then it only turns out to be the country where it was assembled.

I have heard a great saying: ‘Everything is made in China and if any other country is written on a product that is a… fake!’

Probably my very first work.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

Frequency – Heinrich Hertz [ENG]

frequency - Heinrich Hertz

Frequency – Heinrich Hertz (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2013

I was walking to my workplace at dawn (which means 8:20 AM) when I saw this combination of blue and black on the side of a quite timeworn van. I fell in love with it immediately. It was Equalizer that came into my mind but I have abstracted a bit and that’s what it became. 

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

International Grand Propaganda Circus [ENG]

international grand propaganda circus

International grand propaganda Circus (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

I’ve been living in district 9 for six years and during this period Attila József has had a great effect on me (he was born only a few streets away from my place). There are plenty of graffitis and scribbles on walls in my neighbourhood – they also inspired my work.

One of the characteristics of society that everyone wants to belong to a sort of community. However today there are so many and all kinds of groups that it’s hard to keep up with them. One joins some or at least one of them even unwilingly. Marketing uses several methods to propagate that given ‘product’ which constantly bombards us with its existence. Since these ads are mainly presented in the forms of posters and bills, I also created a kind of ‘poster’. I wanted to show, using my own style, how easy it is to use ordinary people in order to demonstrate different kinds of ideas. Even if they didn’t live in the same age or have no connection to that actual idea.

It was exhibited at the exhibition called ’Unfold Dreams’ on the 17th Pszinapszis (Budapest Psychology Days) between 12-14th Apr 2013.



BUDAPEST (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2013

It was high time I painted something of Budapest since I stroll in the streets day by day and there’s a huge amount of impact which I use in my works. Excluding politics these are the things that occupy the people of Budapest (not to mention gossiping about each other – only joking, as a matter of fact they don’t tell on each other).

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.



G-TALK GENERATION (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2013

I launched this painting to be my first still life but I had to spoil it, since it has outgrown itself. Like every artist, I’m also fascinated by knowing what happens after death. For example, what happens to the social network profiles of those who die (they obviously can’t delete it themselves). It’s only a matter of time to start to see social network funeral ads popping up, friends getting together in the virtual space to commemorate the deceased and then a system administrator deletes the profiles.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

Hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism [ENG]

hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism

Hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

We are somewhere here in the evolution, in the history of mankind. I did not mean to insult anyone by this painting I’d rather urge everyone to think for a while, to stop where we are in our lives.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

Anger [ENG]


Anger (60 m x 40 cm) – 2011

Some people speak up, some people make music as a way of impressing anger or frustration, I have painted all these moods of mine ’out’. I hope they will stay outside and not inside for a long time! 

The painting has been created by oil and acrylic paint.

It was exhibited at the exhibition called ’Without Degree’ in November 2012.