MOJO (60 cm x 60 cm) – 2017

[In the private collection of Balázs Jobbágy]

What is the mojo?

Etymologically, the word means charm or rather magic, however, nowadays we can use it for sexual attractiveness (sex  appeal), or for the ability to have effect on the other sex. We can win one’s trust with the help of the mojo, and also have influence on things, while making our way in life with the help of our charisma. It’s the way we represent ourselves to the world.

Probably, one of the worst feelings is the loss of mojo in one’s life, but believe me, mojo finds its way back to The Man!

Mojo can pulse, throb, it can be rousing; other times it slips gently, it’s smooth and honest, understanding; but sometimes it’s confusing, or poky. All in all, it’s GOOOOOOOD! Mojo is sexy! ;)

Don’t forget, all mojo has a man, and also a woman with it.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.




VIRTUAL INSANITY (90 cm x 140 cm) – 2017

In the midst of this modern world self-realization competition everybody wants to be something else, other than what they really are. No need to say that today’s consumer society provides all tools for this. The movies, the video games embrace the minds of people in 3D with high resolution as close to reality as possible. Tons of psychedelics are available, helping one escape the dull weekdays. Luckily, destiny brought one of its “everyday super-heroine”, – who is a drama queen in a male body – into my life.

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



POINT OF VIEW (70 cm x 140 cm) – 2016

[In the private collection of K.K.]

I can’t believe that these tags can still be found on the streets of Budapest in 2016! I mean, I’m trying really hard to stay objective, but at the same time my duty is to hold a mirror up to society – who I travel with on a subway day by day. But I’m looking forward to the future with hope in my heart, because something’s gonna change sooner or later!

I’m sending this message out to everyone: THERE HAS TO BE CHANGE!

The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.




ANARCHY (70 cm x 100 cm) – 2015

[In the private collection of Erzsébet Buzás]

Everybody is autonomous nowadays for sure! All right I think most of people are. They are who overwrites the law because they think it’s not valid on them. 

We are rebelling again?! And nobody told me?!
Slowly developing a kind of confusion… or maybe just in my mind! :-)
However… we live once!
And run and dance and jump and scream
Or do anything, just to see you that you are alive

Go for robot-porn!
The painting has been created on canvas by acrylic paint.



EVERYBODY IS NOT ME (90 cm x 130 cm) – 2015

I read an article about people on death row. They don’t know when their time will come. Their soul is filled with pain and sorrow, they are destroyed,. They are prepared for everything and they have contemplated all worldly issues. We can only hope that we will never have to understand their perspective.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.




WALL-STREET (210 cm x 160 cm) – 2015

Hello. I worked on this picture for a whole year. The idea came from the following: I wanted to make a ROCK-ART from (SCI-FI) POP-ART… and who would be indeed the icon of Hungarian pop art if not Szabolcs Papp from the band called Supernem? He made it to my virtual wall and that’s how this piece of art was created, picturing a mural. The credit doesn’t only go to me but also to many of my friends whose signatures can be found on the painting. 


Dance everybody till morning in a motherfucker bad shoes!

I do not promote the symbols and logos which can be discovered on this piece . They only made it to this piece because it portrays a part of a mural. 

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint (and whatever I found at home).



#BIGGUN (140 cm x 70 cm) – 2015

The second piece of my sketch. Hell boy – the red coloured semi-devil with a hand of stone – he is a rather strong character especially because of his outbursts and thirst for freedom.

Because of his human upbringing it is very difficult for him to destroy planet Earth. His Recurring struggle is that actually none of these worlds is his home but in the end he always chooses the good side.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.



MR. SIEGAL (60 cm x 60 cm) – 2014

This British blues, folk, country musician is blessed with an outstanding voice and talent. Either alone, or in a band, he is simply wonderful. In my opinion, he is a bit underrepresented in Hungary so that’s why I painted his portray in my own style…. Who knows, he might become famous now worldwide! :-)

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.



JOKER (140 cm x 70 cm) – 2014

[In the private collection of Péter Horváth]

He is the character of comic sketches and films, which were all inspired by him. According to some gossip, Heath ledger had to lock himself up in his hotel room for 6 weeks in order to understand this psychopathic character. I do not wish to understand him but I would just like to demonstrate the spectrum of characters who can be discovered in other comic sketches or movies (please do mind that I’m not thinking about the chubby batman series)! 

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.




JENNYASS (90 cm x 140 cm) – 2014

While I was looking at photographs, I found some old photos from World War II. Photographs from World War II (as well as others) have a major impact on me, but this photo was particularly impressive. A mule wearing a gas mask? And posing for the camera? Why? Because of pride? Or, to always remember what horrors mankind is capable of? I tried to tame or to transform this very strong image for the urbanist eyes of today.

It was exhibited at the pop-up exhibition called ’In eclipse’ at Fogasház in 2014.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.



SHARE A KIM! (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2014

Kim Jong-il was the first man of the Korean People’s theoretically Democratic Republic (practically dictatorial republic leader), who as the Director of Culture and Arts, had endeavored to reform North Korea’s art. It is completely due to him, that North Korea’s first export articles were pieces of art most importantly. This is such a brilliant idea and way to Present and to promote the ideology of a nation, their wonderful life, to prove the correctness of their political viewpoints, and to advertise their cult to the whole world. Why would it be offensive that politics is usually the most crucial part of each artwork? Why should there be free will or freedom of opinion, why should we imagine much ado about nothing? Isn’t it great to see big leaders’ moments of excursions, their favourite flowers or a copped gesture of encouragement during a great speech, captured on a painting or on a sculpture? He (Kim Jong-il) supported the culture so much that he encouraged his son’s girlfriend, the singer Hyon Song-wolt to promote the culture. The girl abused his good intentions and the possibility (she made  porn and hid Bibles). It can be clearly seen that Kim Jong-il did everything in his power to set his republic on strong pillars, not being afraid of sacrificing Art , the most liberal sector, for his own goals. What a terrible loss would it be to the world if he hadn’t! Without these North-Korean pieces of art we could not appreciate individuality, creativity, provocation or freedom.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

International Grand Propaganda Circus [ENG]

international grand propaganda circus

International grand propaganda Circus (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

I’ve been living in district 9 for six years and during this period Attila József has had a great effect on me (he was born only a few streets away from my place). There are plenty of graffitis and scribbles on walls in my neighbourhood – they also inspired my work.

One of the characteristics of society that everyone wants to belong to a sort of community. However today there are so many and all kinds of groups that it’s hard to keep up with them. One joins some or at least one of them even unwilingly. Marketing uses several methods to propagate that given ‘product’ which constantly bombards us with its existence. Since these ads are mainly presented in the forms of posters and bills, I also created a kind of ‘poster’. I wanted to show, using my own style, how easy it is to use ordinary people in order to demonstrate different kinds of ideas. Even if they didn’t live in the same age or have no connection to that actual idea.

It was exhibited at the exhibition called ’Unfold Dreams’ on the 17th Pszinapszis (Budapest Psychology Days) between 12-14th Apr 2013.



U3ERLIN (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2011

Berlin is the European New York for me though I have never been there, I imagine it like this. There is freedom to express art everywhere, one can meet something interesting, something unique in the streets time after time. Recently I have been visiting Berlin every year to get a dip of street art, it really makes an impact on me. I see Berlin like this. And anyone, who has spent more than few days in Berlin, can see what I mean (please confirm!).

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.



MUSKATNUSS (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

[In the private collection of Zoltán Császár]

This one belongs to the first swallows of simpler creations. Using less colours has remained. It had been sold before I finished it completely :-) , I hope the owner of the painting will find lots of pleasure whenever looking at it!

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.


Hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism [ENG]

hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism

Hipercorrect orthodox zombie capitalism (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

We are somewhere here in the evolution, in the history of mankind. I did not mean to insult anyone by this painting I’d rather urge everyone to think for a while, to stop where we are in our lives.

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.

Politics is not a-n-part! [ENG]

politics is not an p-art

Politics is not a-n-part (80 cm x 120 cm) – 2012

Hungarians love to think that they are professionals at politics and soccer. Let’s see what situation we’ve been for a long while though everyone thinks that he is an expert in these topics!

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint.