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WALL-STREET (210 cm x 160 cm) – 2015

Hello. I worked on this picture for a whole year. The idea came from the following: I wanted to make a ROCK-ART from (SCI-FI) POP-ART… and who would be indeed the icon of Hungarian pop art if not Szabolcs Papp from the band called Supernem? He made it to my virtual wall and that’s how this piece of art was created, picturing a mural. The credit doesn’t only go to me but also to many of my friends whose signatures can be found on the painting. 


Dance everybody till morning in a motherfucker bad shoes!

I do not promote the symbols and logos which can be discovered on this piece . They only made it to this piece because it portrays a part of a mural. 

The painting has been created on canvas by oil and acrylic paint (and whatever I found at home).

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